Harbor Freight ICON is Here


Harbor Freight ICON is HereHarbor-Freight-Icon-Tool-Storage-Teaser


When Harbor Freight first announced their line of Icon professional tools, they listed an early price of  $2499 for their 56″ x 25″ x 45″ tool cabinet, comparing it to Snap-Ons $6775 price. When fully accessorized with a work center, end locker, and other add-ons, the total price was $7294 compared to $18,125 for Snap-On comparable setup.the 56″ x 25″ cabinet has a $3999 list price. As seen below it toughts 8000 pounds of weight capacity, not sure how that test was done ,but seems high ..


I personally don’t know to many people walking into a harbor freight willing to spend $4000 on tool storage . Aren’t the reason they are there is to spend $1.00 on zip ties or $10 on some deep well sockets . I don’t think this was the right way to go considering there main clientle. I personally think taking there popular U.S. General and Yukon brands and making a solid ,but cheaper alternative to the Snap-ons of the world would be more popular with there customers. Someone leaving H.F with $8,000 less then when they walked in doesn’t seem to logical.

2 Responses to Harbor Freight ICON is Here

  1. Matt says:

    Those boxes look pretty stout!


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