Giveaway time !!!

Going to be giving away a Milwaukee 25 foot magnetic tape measure and set of Milwaukee Recip blades ..All you need to do to enter is follow me on this website and comment below …Winner will be picked April 20th 2018 …GOOD LUCK !!!

GIVEAWAY text, written on black simple circle stamp.

GIVEAWAY text, written on black simple circle rubber vintage stamp.

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87 Responses to Giveaway time !!!

  1. EJM says:

    Boss is Live Live Live Live Live #TradeMark


  2. NORMAN KURATA says:

    Jus’ luving what you do for all of us Boss


  3. David Schneider says:

    Thanks Boss! Your vids are non biased and spot on


  4. Ryan Jacob says:

    Thanks for the giveaways boss!


  5. Andrew R says:

    Tool Boss is live live live!!!


  6. Steve says:

    Hey Boss! You’re videos are always great. You always keep us updated on the latest and your channel is fun. Meeting new people and communicating. That’s that it’s all about. Thank you Boss


  7. Michael Dokmanian says:

    great videos Boss keep it going LIVE! LIVE! LIVE!


  8. George Gutierrez says:

    Sweet Milwaukee

    Liked by 1 person

  9. MC says:

    Gotta love Milwaukee!!!


  10. rob barr says:

    Can always use bits and blades. Watch all but comment on few. thanks


  11. Daniel says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated on all tools available


  12. billyc says:

    BOSS!! Thank you for the great daily content!!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ruben Cari says:

    Tool boss love the videos and keep up the good work


  14. Brandon says:



  15. Matt Petefish says:

    Thanks Boss!


  16. Honesto says:



  17. Lance Ely says:

    Hi Tool Boss… that’s funny, my little girls steal my DeWalt organizers too for the same toys…. Monster High and LOL dolls 😉 And another one has all their high bows, barrets, bands, etc… Thanks for the giveaways Tool Boss!


  18. Matt Daugherty says:

    Hey tool boss. Can never have enough tools. Thank you.

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  19. Joe Garrison says:

    You are the best tool boss


  20. Michael Dokmanian says:

    greatest show on youtube great guy

    Liked by 1 person

  21. David Schneider says:

    The best nation in the world is donation lol 😂 Thanks Boss for you generosity and sharing your knowledge with the you tube community.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Hugh S says:

    Tool Boss!!! #Done deal

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  23. Thomas Giaquinto says:

    Hey Boss love the vids keep.them coming, love the advanced notice you give on up coming tools and deals. Your costing me a fortune but I love it. Keep up the great work.

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  24. Anthony d says:

    My man love the videos switched to Milwaukee platform

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  25. Charles Abbott says:

    Enjoy your delivery and your tool finds. Thank you for your time.


  26. Daniel Rodriguez says:

    Awesome 👍


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