What Tool are you looking Foward to in 2018?

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20 Responses to What Tool are you looking Foward to in 2018?

  1. Chris Bustos says:

    For 2018 looking at getting the m12 cordless Milwaukee bandsaw.

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  2. oscar atkinson says:

    2018. tool looking forward to is a track saw corded or cordless, second would be a cordless miter sliding saw but the ones I like are too heavy.

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  3. Would love to get ahold of the m12 jigsaw for my wood shop and with the extreme cold doing a number on my plumbing, probably some PEX tools would be handy!

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  4. Jr says:

    Tim the tool boss taylor you rock!!!!


  5. Honesto uno says:

    Tim the tool boss taylorπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  6. Snide David says:

    I would like to see the outdoor line expanded for Milwaukee, possibly a chainsaw? Love the weed trimmer!


  7. Thomas Carroll says:

    i still waiting for a cordless sander from dewalt and a router this and that I can use a 20 volt Max probably to have to stainable power you need a 5ah and if this did make a plunge router probably flexvolt washer doing inflator to they have one with compressed air not a portable one that runs on batteries go to two ideas that maybe some of the wall traps are good listening to me and a bunch of people would want this I do small woodworking projects this would benefit me but I don’t have a sander at 8 router cornrows for being awesome idea I got an idea for dewalt it is similar to the kits at Home better than the bottom section of tough System Kit how about selling 3 boxes for this system with 9 tools all the pets in Blade you need basically give someone a chance to be out the Box complete


  8. Thomas Carroll says:

    I would love for Makita come out with a sex similar to DeWalt XR and Milwaukee fuel system With high quality metal Chucks 5 ah batteries with every tool make the premium price that they’re charging worth it awesome can’t wait to see how kavos going to work out this year knowing that there going to be the main brand and is going to be no more Hitachi branded tools only Metabo tools and then wait and see how dewalt handles Craftsman tools in Irwin as well as Linux


  9. Federer2001 says:

    I am looking forward to the Milwaukee stubby impact gun.

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  10. Frankie Gambino says:


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