Tool Boss Halloween Giveaway !!! What’s Tool are you looking Foward to Getting this Xmas!!

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27 Responses to Tool Boss Halloween Giveaway !!! What’s Tool are you looking Foward to Getting this Xmas!!

  1. Matt Van Dyke says:

    Milwaukee true view stand light,
    Milwaukee M18 fan,
    Makita cordless router,
    Stanley low angle jack plane,
    Nice dovetail saw


  2. Brando Calrissian says:

    Hopefully the m18 fuel blower or weed trimmer. Maybe a nice bench grinder.


  3. Scot LaSyone says:

    ECHO CS-400 18in Chainsaw


  4. Chris Pezzello says:

    That new Rigid 1/2in Impact Wrench


  5. Nathan Gunter says:

    Dewalt 12″ sliding compound miter saw


  6. Oscar atkinson says:

    Milwaukee 18v 10inch slide miter saw or Ryobi


  7. Stewart Harrison says:

    I’d love a Milwaukee surge or the m12 drill / impact driver kit.


  8. Chris robles says:

    I’m wishing for a M18 fuel drill and impact kit and maybe that m12 light bar! Anything milwaukee really haha


  9. Jason Cribbs says:

    I desperately need a miter saw. I am thus far TeamRidgid and am hoping they come out with an 18v 10inch slider. I also would love a 23g pin nailer and the Armor Tool bench and clamping system. Get to work Santa.


  10. Chris Cuevas says:

    Looking for a Mitar Saw thinking the new Milwaukee 7 1/4 or bumping up to the 10in Dewalt flexvolt.

    Makita SDS drill

    And some 12volt fule love


  11. thomas j carroll says:

    i like a bad ass brushless set i can dream my better halfe shes the real boss if she ok with it i want aMakita TD170DZ Lime Green 18V Body Only from Japan the drill driver and trim saw at the price they they are you can own a hilti set but they look really nice i have even seen red RYOBI drill CDD-1020 home depot does not even have this or dark green not the green we got but like bosch got for there diy line here it was skill ytheat was diy


  12. I think I’m gonna go ahead and finally get the Milwaukee M12 1/4 ratchet, and I’ve been hinting at my wife that I want the m18 portable heat gun, that thing would really make life easier on the job site. And i’d also like some Ryobi batteries if Santa thinks I’ve been a good boy (Monkeybrains41)


  13. Jon Castillo says:

    I want the new M12 Fuel ratchet all 3 sizes.


  14. Andy says:

    Flexvolt circular saw .. New platform tired of running off of nicad


  15. Howard McLean says:

    To be honest Tool Boss I am still trying to decide on a platform for my cordless tools. All your videos make it hard to decide. So I guess I will wait till the holidays to decide when tools are on sale. I need everything to try to get back to my woodworking hobby so I am not choosy. I will pull the trigger maybe with your help. I don’t need everyday professional brands but something good enough for diy and my woodworking projects. Thanks for your reviews.


  16. Govind Pillai says:

    Trim Router


  17. Chris Bustos says:

    I can’t decide if i should ask for the new Milwaukee 12v gen2 1/2 inch hammer drill and 12v impact or go with the makita 18v subcompact drill/driver impact combo… what do you guys think?


  18. Nelson Mark says:

    I’d like to get the Milwaukee 1/2″ Mid Torque Impact Wrench.


  19. Dow says:

    Thinking about the Dewalt six piece for starting my second platform should be a heck of a deal for 200-250 bucks


  20. Loco says:

    Whatsup ToolBoss !!!


  21. Harry D says:

    You know boss man Milwaukee 18 V 👍


  22. 94GtCoupe says:

    M18 mid torque impact wrench.
    Hedge trimmer, either dewalt 20v or m18.
    Airlift cooling system leak checker.
    Small air compressor, maybe flexvolt or ridgid 18v.


  23. Trevor says:

    I’m hoping Milwaukee’s new m12 gen 2 fuel impact driver is out in time for xmas. Otherwise maybe the new high torque and mid torque
    Milwuakees new 3/8 ratchet
    Makitas 18v sub compact impact and drill
    Makitas new brushless 12v impact driver


  24. Nate says:

    Tool Boss with another one.


  25. Jared Milkyway says:

    M12 3/8 ratchet

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  26. Jorge Pallares says:

    I’m really to get a Milwaukee 10in miter saw or thickness planer

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