Best Impact Driver

Who do you think makes the best impact drivers ???

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23 Responses to Best Impact Driver

  1. frestech1990 says:

    The best impact drills have to come from the Milwaukee team!!!

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  2. Brandon Henry says:

    Easy answer: Milwaukee all day, everyday

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  3. Matt says:

    Makita. I also love Hitachis triple hammer and the overall control of the M18 Surge. But Makitas 18v array of quality impacts are hard to beat.

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  4. mracksel says:

    However, I don’t remember anything worth except those 3.

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  5. mracksel says:

    makita Dewalt and Clarke

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  6. Scot LaSyone says:

    makita 1/4 in socket set I must have it.


  7. Matt Van Dyke says:

    Don’t know if this is where I need to comment to get in on the Makita sockets, but here I am!

    Concerning the impact drivers, after playing around with Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ridgid Bosch and Hitachi, I chose the Milwaukee. It fit my hands the best. I really liked the Hitachi as well, but their lack of tools and accessories on that platform kept me from buying.


  8. Jason Cribbs says:

    I would say the Ridgid because of the torque but they tend to be too heavy. If you are interested in size I would say either the Milwaukee or the Makita. As for me, I tend to lean toward the Bosch because of the versatility of a socket ready system.
    Speaking of sockets, I would love some from Makita.


  9. Dow says:

    I would like the Makita 1/4 inch socket set and Milwaukee is my favorite impact for the moment we will see if it stays that way when I branch out to another brand to start my multi brand tool collection


  10. Jason Jordan says:

    I say Milwaukee for me because of there features and because they are the company most into making tools for my hvac and electrical trade. I do like other manufacturers of tools they all have good points and bad points. I just am partial to red ones.


  11. luc funicelli says:

    I really like the Dewalt DCF 895 because its an impact that you dont technically need 2 hands to take a bit out. You press the little yellow trigger under the mount tilt it down and it pops out. Now these days you have to take your hand depress the collet take the bit out. I guess its more secure this way but jeez. But also the Makita impact is really amazing and i dont know why but the sound that it make compared to all the other brand is really pleasant to my ears.


  12. luc funicelli says:

    I just remembered the Hitachi triple impact. Talk about a beast. and the just know came out with there new framing nailer. WOW. Hitachi is making a serious move to the top. IP56 ratting triple impact, self tapping mode. If a lot of people like the size of the Makita impact it has the same footprint as the Makita but delivers WAY more power then any impact on the market. Its the only one in the category.


  13. Nicholas Didier says:

    Dce887 is a beast #toolboss

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  14. tony says:

    Festool CSX beats all the rest, hands down

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  15. myimpactdrivers says:

    Depends upon the users choice


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