Which brand has the best warranty?  Personal experience??

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9 Responses to Warranty???

  1. Jonathan scronce says:

    I love Milwaukee tools


  2. Matt Van Dyke says:

    Shortly after purchasing the Ridgid R4512 table saw, I noticed a defect in the rip fence and contacted Ridgid. Within a week I had a new rip fence delivered to my door per the LSA (the new one isn’t perfect either, but what do you expect from a $500 saw?).
    Great customer service.


  3. I’ve never had to personally use the warranty on my power tools (crosses fingers) But I do love my Milwaukee warranty and out of all the tools I have , I feel it’s a great deal. Milwaukee for life!


  4. toolboss44 says:

    Yea thats y Milwaukee is great ..no forms to send in ..just bring in your tool if its within 5 years and falls under requirements ur good


  5. Kevin dwyer says:

    Ridgid has the best warranty with registration you get lifetime warranty


  6. toolboss44 says:

    I would say longest , not the best .. Hitachi also has lifetime warranty


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